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Snow in Mount Laguna

Mount Laguna snow

In the dead of winter, it is not uncommon to find snow in Mount Laguna. This can happen in late December up until late February. How do you know if there is snow or not? Well, if it is cold, and it is raining in San Diego, then there is a good chance that there is snow at higher elevations. Laguna Mountain is 6,000 feet above sea level so it can snow heavily here. To be sure of snow conditions, make use of these internet resources and call the phone numbers listed here.

Mount Laguna snow

How to Get there

Mount Laguna is about 55 miles east of downtown San Diego. If there is no traffic, it should take a little over an hour to get there. It will take longer if there is heavy traffic or severe road conditions. Indeed, if you anticipate snow, it is advisable to have snow tires or chains for your wheels.

To get there, get onto highway 8 eastbound. Head north on San Diego County Road S1 (also called Sunrise Highway). Drive along a scenic, winding road for about 7 miles. You will begin to see turnouts where the road widens to accommodate a parking lane. If there is snow, you will find lots of other parked cars. Not to mention you will see the snowy fields on both sides of the highway.

There are 4 or 5 turnouts along the way, so if you can't find parking in one spot, try the next. But if it looks busy, and you see a parking spot - grab it! You may not get a chance later.

Some turnouts are simply a field of snow while others are more woodsy. Some turnouts have porta-potties but most have no amenities.

What to do in Mount Laguna

So, what can you do in the snow up at Mount Laguna? Well, you can:

Mount Laguna snow
Mount Laguna snow
Mount Laguna snow
Mount Laguna snow

make a snowman,

go sledding,

have a snow picnic,

have a snowball fight,

find icicles,

go cross country skiing,

make footprints in the freshly fallen show,

and take gorgeous photos

Mount Laguna snow
Mount Laguna snow
Mount Laguna snow

What Else is There to Do?

Once you've had your fill of snow play, you can head towards the Laguna Mountain Lodge. Here you will find a General Store, a post office, a Visitor Center, and a local restaurant. The General Store is quite large and offers souvenirs, postcards, clothing, snacks, drinks, hot chocolate, and coffee. In case you didn't bring your own, the General Store has a few sleds for sale.

Mount Laguna snow

The General Store sells hot chocolate and coffee, but there are no chairs and tables where you can sit to enjoy your drinks. There are a few picnic tables near the Visitor Center and there is a local restaurant across the street from the General Store.

Public bathrooms are located adjacent to the Visiter Center.

Getting late? Why not spend the night at the Laguna Mountain Lodge? This establishment offers rustic cabins and lodges for rent at reasonable prices. Though, it is often full to capacity in which case, your only choice is to head home. Keep in mind that if it is snowing, the roads will be slippery and visibility will be poor. Drive carefully and put on car-tire chains if needed.   All rights reserved
Information is accurate at time of publication but can change without notice.